Welcome Letter

Dear Patients, Families, Friends, and Visitors:

Welcome to Compass Intervention Center.

It is our philosophy that a child’s mental health is a key component in leading a healthy, productive life.  Addressing mental health needs of children is a building block to help create a strong community for our youth and families.  We are proud to work every day to improve the long-term quality of life for the children and families we serve.

As a Residential and Outpatient treatment provider, our greatest strengths are outlined in the quality of our programs and in the compassionate, caring, and dedicated professionals that provide superior services to children.  With a comprehensive continuum of care, Compass provides the treatment necessary to move our patients towards a brighter future.  With specializations in trauma work and addictions, our programs are designed to treat the complex problems that children and families encounter in today’s world.

Compass is located in Southwest Tennessee.  This convenient location provides access to larger communities in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.  We work with children and families throughout the United States, including military families overseas.

For 20 years Compass Intervention Center has been a top provider of behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.  We believe in offering a variety of options to our patients, making our programs more accessible and our treatment more effective, all while maintaining a high level of quality care.

We are passionate about promoting awareness of mental health and offering services to address the needs of our patients.  The staff at Compass Intervention Center thank you for your time and interest in our facility.  We look forward to having the opportunity to help your child get back on the path to a bright, successful future by leading them in the right direction.


Lisa Smith
Chief Executive Officer