Substance Abuse & Addiction Groups

Substance Abuse & Addiction Component

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness: All patients (regardless of whether or not they have a history of substance abuse) are expected to maintain 100% abstinence from alcohol and drugs during the course of treatment. This group educates and helps patients to understand what a drug and alcohol problem is and how it can affect them and others. Individual issues will be identified in order to determine how or if they will be included in treatment.
  • Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention: Four areas of learning and achievement are to be mastered. First, patients will understand the necessity of 100% abstinence and will remain 100% abstinent each day, one day at a time. The dynamics of addiction and the manner in which an addiction interacts with mental disorders will be taught. Second, patients will learn how to develop a support system for maintaining sobriety. This will include participating in a treatment program, taking medications if they are prescribed, seeing an outside therapist after completing treatment, finding and keeping sober friends, using family for support, attending a 12-¬≠step group, finding a sponsor, developing a list of support telephone numbers, finding and reading appropriate literature, socializing with sober friends, and growing along spiritual lines, if warranted by the individual. Third, patients will learn that sobriety and mental health cannot be achieved alone. Each patient will be directed and expected to attend 12-step groups regularly, obtain a sponsor, and learn the first three steps before leaving the program. The fourth goal in this group is to prevent relapse to substance use. Patients will learn their substance use triggers and develop an individual relapse prevention plan that can recognize the subtle, often unconscious, signs of trouble, which will assist in preventing relapse.
  • 12-Step Groups: All patients will attend a 12-step group three days per week while in the program. Access to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other groups will be available three days per week. Patients whose problems and distress can be alleviated by this type of group will be required to put aside myths and distortions they may have about attending. The staff will assist in finding and using 12-step groups regularly.